A house is a place where we can find comfort and safety. It is the place where we think that we have safety. It is the place where we are initially moulded before we leave to face the world. They are all descriptions which ideal house is, but do not know you only except the house that we call, there is also a place where other people call, “the house of the beauty“.

The base of plastic surgeon is one of the best examples of the non-profit organizations in the world. The only difference is him helps by operations of plastic surgeon. This form of philanthropy is concerned on the rebuilding of fabric of facial massage and body which requires a replanning or remolding due to the disease, with a defect, or the disorder.

Usually they go the communities disinherited by visit and seek the people who deserve to have such a treatment. The objective of the organization known as is to change the lives of these people who are before victims of lack of confidence in oneself in their individuals and naturally of cynicisms of the company. The base of plastic surgeon wants to restore the beauty which was in the past carried them.

Maintaining the number of this kind of philanthropic organization always as well as increases its volunteers who come from various areas of the world. The majority of the volunteers are certified plastic surgeons who already gained the qualifications for which they needed by carrying out their work thus they want to share this talent with the poor one. Except returning visit to the disinherited communities, the organization also accept the people who have defects of the shape of body at the same time without hearth and the life along the streets. These people are always welcome with their organization, but temporarily only since it cannot render mobile beauty services to these people for a long time. The organization provides only one provisional house for them, and after these people underwent the plastic surgeon, they will be now turned over to another interested agency to provide their other needs.

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