I love free samples!

And in my last free cosmetic goodie bag (look for free give-a-way’s at Macy’s and Marshall’s) I got a small jar of Estee Lauder’s Future Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Radience Cream. I love the consistency of this product. It’s not too heavy (very important) and with SPF 15, it can be used day or night.

However, the product doesn’t have any active Retinoids in it, which is what us post-30’s need. I would definitely recommend this product for women in their 20’s or who don’t seem to have any wrinkles on the horizon.

Quest for an anti-wrinkle cream: trial #1

by: MissJanis

They say starting in your 30’s women should find a “good” retinoid. By “good” they mean a product that a) works and b) fits your skin type.

That being said, retinoids are something we can get giddy about! A derivitive of vitamin A, retinoid products exfoliate the top layer of skin, generate new skin cells, and increase collagen production. The result (for products that WORK) are firmer skin, reduced sun spots and diminished wrinkles. Wooo!

Luckily, there are many, many over-the-counter retinoid products on the market. I’m going to work my way through them to find the one that’s best for me (and report back).

My first trial: Loreal’s Revitalift Night

This product is a thick cream that – admittedly – felt great smearing all over my face and neck. With a product this thick, you can really feel like it’s going to moisturize deeply. However, with my combo skin, I woke every morning with super oily skin. I’d only recommend this product for people with dry or normal skin who can use that extra moisture.

The other problem with this product is that comes in a clear blue glass jar – retinoids break down in sunlight so it’s best to find a product that is in a light-sealed container like aluminum.
Back to the store…

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