Stylish Winter Coats for Women

Choosing the right winter coat can be a challenge. It has to be stylish, warm, and complimentary to your body shape. You must also know where to find the perfect winter coat, one that is made with classically styled materials and has a fantastic cut. Finally, you must know what you are looking for. Well I’m here to help girls – let the shopping begin!

I usually wait too long to get a winter coat myself, some years I don’t get a new one at all – and I think that’s fine because good coats are expensive and it can be really hard to find one that meets all of your criteria, especially when it comes to style.

Advice for Picking a Stylish Winter Coat

Your Coat Has to Match Your Body Shape

We all have a different shape but here are some general rules to follow when it comes to picking a great coat.

Big Busts

For big busts choose a single-breasted coat with ample room. The danger for the large breasted woman is the overstretched look – a definite don’t. Most importantly you want to be sure that you can wear multiple layers or a thick sweater without your coat pulling apart at the buttons. This single-breasted dress coat from Victoria’s Secret is a great example, and a lovely shade of red.
Single Breasted Victoria’s Secret Wool Coat for Big Busts

Pear Shape

The double-breasted coat is a time tested fashion do for the pear shaped woman. The key is a coat with a little bit of length to help connect the hips and shoulders, but not so much length that you cover up your fantastic pear curves. I like these two styles, the first is by French Connection and I have to say that I am liking plaid again after being shy on it last year. The second is a coat by DKNY with a great cut and a bold color.

If you are petite, a fitted coat is going to be very stylish on you. Often petite women are looking to lengthen their legs a bit and a short cut coat can give your legs quiet a bit more range. The first is a nice retro piece with faux fur by Coffee Shop; unfortunately it is only a vest, but a very hot vest. The second is a bright pink number, by an unknown, I really just want to give ya’ll the idea that I’m also looking at some bright colors as good ideas.

Coffee Shop Vest with Faux Fur
Bright Pink Petite winter coat

Winter Coat Shopping Tip:

Take you coat for a test walk and run. Seriously, jog across the sales floor – inevitably you will run at some point while wearing your coat and you don’t want to find out at the wrong time that it doesn’t fit. Also, stretch your arms all the way forward and back, this will give you the best idea as to whether the coat has enough room for you or not. If the coat looks great on you but doesn’t provide for enough movement for-get-about-it.

Finally I can’t resist showing you two more great, stylish, hip, I-love-it-madly coats. These two are particularly good on waifs but can look great on just about any body. The First is a Beth Bowley with faux fur and a warming, effervescent, spring-like plaid – it’s like Easter, and sunshine, and chocolate, and strawberries, and love. The second is another DKNY coat in green, this one has vintage aspirations and an open flowing quality as if the wearer hasn’t a care in the world.
Beth Bowley Winter Dress Coat Plaid
DKNY Vintage winter coat green

Keep these tips for picking a stylish winter coat in mind when you finally decide to take the plunge and you are sure to find the right fit for your body and a coat that stays in fashion for years to come!

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