Everything from Target Bedding to My Favorite Dresses and Handbags

I became a huge fan of Cynthia Rowley’s just a few years back (I know, I’m a little slow). Her impressive collection now spans the gamut from a Target line to designer dresses and even a new fragrance. I have to say for a mass market her Target line is very good. I even have a guest room in my house styled out with her Swell Happiness bedding and some Swell throw pillows. But for myself I adore her dress and handbag collections as well as her stylish shoes.

Cynthia Rowley’s dresses mean more to me than just looking good, they make me feel sexy yet understated, like a woman of power and composure. My favorite dress at this moment is her Boho Dress. The flower-power look updated for a modern, strapless world. I just put it on for the first time yesterday for a dinner party, and my how I did shine. Its flowing yet body defining look got me plenty of looks. I felt like the toast of the party.

Her line also includes a lovely long sleeved pink number with a high 70’s inspired waist band that helps to accentuate your top. I wore this dress a couple months ago and received compliments from men and women alike. Another dress of Cynthia Rowley’s that is amazingly sexy to wear is her Deep V Plaid Casual Dress. It is perhaps a little revealing for some, but on the right occasion the flashes of skin and her design brilliance keep everyone feeling bubbly and active.

I also carry Cynthia Rowley with me just about everywhere I go, in the form of her Brigette Croco handbag in blue. It has just enough space for everything I want to bring with me and an adorable shape that compliments just about any style. I also like the large double loops so I can put in on my shoulder should I need to use both my lovely hands.
Lately I’ve also been drooling over her Hook Me up Flap Shoulder design that has a more sleek look and a brass chain that gives it a 20’s feel. The clasp design is also irreverent, evoking a feel of jolly, swashbuckling pirates. It also encompasses a 50’s mod feel so you can get a lot of mileage out of just one piece.

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